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My name is Will and I am freelance illustrator and cartoonist from Malvern in Worcestershire, a great town with some very good hills. Apparently if you look east from the top of the Malvern hills the next highest point is in Russia (I've no idea if it is true, but its a good fact nevertheless.
 I currently live in Manchester (which is pretty good too despite not having any tall hills).

I graduated with a first class degree in illustration from Edinburgh College of Art in 2017. After that I began working on my first children's book 'What Not To Give An Ogre For His Birthday' which was published at the end of July by Little Door Books. 

This year I have been a mentee on the Picturehooks Picture Books Mentoring scheme, which has been a great experience and has really changed and developed the way that I work for the better.

My Illustrations are generally comic in some way and are usually made with ink, watercolour, acrilic, coloured pencil and collage. I like to work in this way because I think  it compliments the jolly, energetic and slightly silly tone of my drawings.

Well I think I have gone on long enough now, so there you go that is some information about me and some dubious information about english hills.


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