'The House That Stood Out' is an idea for a children's book that I came up with as part of the Picturehooks picture book mentoring scheme. It tells the story of Martin, a crane driver who builds himself a house out of things that he finds and at first doesn't get a great reaction from everyone else in the town.

Everyone complains about the new house that has popped up overnight.

Someone comes under the cover of night to ask Martin if he will build him somewhere to sit in the sun.

A man asks Martin if he will build him somewhere to keep his tomatoes.

Martin has built a lot of new buildings and the town has changed completely. Althought some people might take a bit more time to be convinced.

The Final Storyboard for 'The House That Stood Out'

Early experiments with collage and a variety of materials that I made at the beginning of this project.

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All illustrations © Will Hughes illustrations.